Hurry Up!!Registrations open from December 21, 2018 for the session 2019-20 for classes Nursery- VIII.

Today's Homework                                                                                  Date: 19.08.19

  HINDI Do pg no. 35
  MATHS Do the given work in n/b
K.G.  ENGLISH Do pg no. 28
  HINDI Do pg no. 31 & 33
  MATHS Do pg no. 29
  RHYMES OF THE WEEK A hunting we will go 
I G.K. Do pg no. 40 in book 
  MATHS Do pg no. 80 in w/b
  ENGLISH Read Ch- 4
  CURSIVE Write 2 pages in book
II MATHS Do the given work in n/b
  E. LIT  Read Ch- 7 and underline difficult words
III A MATHS Practise 10 sums rellated to division in rough n/b
  E.V.S Read Ch- 4 and learn h/w
III B MATHS Do given questions
  E.V.S Rvision test
IV A CREATIVE WRITING Do pg no. 2 in book
  MATHS Do the given ques of Ex 4 E 
  COMPUTER Read Ch- 5
IV B MATHS Do Ques of eX 4 D 
  ENGLISH Make sentences of given words
V A S.ST Do ex- of L- 5
  SCIENCE Do Ex of Ch- 8 in book
  MATHS Do pg no. 41, 42 & 43 in w/b
  ENGLISH Prepare h/w of Ch- 6
V B MATHS Do pg no. 41, 42 & 43 in w/b
  ENGLISH Learn poem 4 lines 
  S.ST Read Ch- 5
  H. LIT Compltee Ch- 7
  SANSKRIT Reviose Ch-  3 & 4
VI ENGLISH Learn Q/A of the 'The Poem'
  S.ST Learn exercise of Ch- 3
  SCIENCE Revise Ch- Water
  MATHS Do Ex 5.3 in book
  H. LIT Read Ch- 7
VII SCIENCE Learn and explain of Ch- 4
  HINDI Write on Marry Com
  MATHS Learn the properties of different traingle
  COMPUTER Read Ch- 3
  H. LIT Complete Ch- 8
VIII S.ST Learn exercises of Ch- 3
  SCIENCE Revise tpic reflection
  MATHS Do Ex 4.3
  H. LIT Complete Q//A of Ch- 8
  SANSKRIT Write w/m of Ch- 6