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Today's Homework                                                                    Date: 23.05.19

I HINDI W/B Fill colour on Pg no. 19
  ENGLISH Read L- 2 'The Lucky leaf'
II MATHS Learn tables 2 to 12 in holidays
  ENGLISH Learn Q/A of L- 3
III A H. LIT Read Ch- 4
  E. LIT Learn Q/A of 1 & 4
  MATHS Learn tables 2 to 10 in holidays
III B HINDI Learn Ch- 2
  MATHS Learn tables 2 to 10 in holidays
  ENGLISH Cursive writing pg no. 6 & 7
  E.V.S Learn book exercises of Ch- 13
  H. LIT Learn Ch- 2 Q no. 30 and exercises
IV A H. LIT Learn w/m of Ch- 4
  S.ST Learn Ch- 1, 2 & 3
  E. LANG Learn collective noun
IV B SCIENCE Learn Ch- 8
  MATHS Prepare Ch- 2
  H. LIT Learn Q/A of Ch- 3
V A H. LANG विलोम शब्द याद करो I
  ENGLISH Do the given worksheet
  S.ST Learn Ch- 1 , 2 & 10
  SCIENCE Learn Ch- 1 & 5
  MATHS Prepare Ch- 1 & 2
  SANSKRIT Ch- 5 pg 38 write h/w
V B H. LANG 'हम और हमारे बुजुर्ग' पर अनुच्छेद लिखें I
VI SCIENCE Do exercises of Ch- 6 
  H. LANG अभ्यास पुस्तिका, साहित्य तथा व्याकरण का अपूर्ण कार्य पूर्ण करें I
VII S.ST Complete the exercises of Ch- 13 & 23
  ENGLISH Read the poem at home complete the w/m
  SCIENCE Read about the Mother Teressa
  H. LANG पाठ - वर्ण - विचार पढ़ें I
VIII ENGLISH Revise Determiners
  SCIENCE Read Ch- 5

पाठ - विलोम तथा पर्यायवाची पूर्ण करें I